TypeNGo is a plugin for Intellij IDEA, PhpStorm and WebStorm which replaces IDE shortcuts with abbreviations. Here is a list of default abbreviations which can be redefined in Settings|Keymap:


  • ps Show project structure (Intellij IDEA)
  • ss Show application settings
  • cc Change the current color scheme
  • cs Change the current code style settings
  • km Change the current keymap
  • lf Change the current look-and-feel
  • vm Change view mode to presentation/distraction free


  • gr Go to related symbol
  • gb Go to super (base) method
  • gt Go to type declaration
  • gc Go to class by name
  • gd Go to declaration
  • gf Go to file
  • gs Go to symbol
  • gl Go to line
  • gi Go to implementation
  • rp Recent Projects
  • rf Recent Files


  • dd Delete line(s)
  • du Duplicate lines
  • ln Toggle line numbers
  • su Surround with…
  • fm Format
  • oi Optimize imports (remove unused)
  • ai Autoindent lines
  • s+ Expand a selection (continuously pressing ‘+’ will expand it further, ESC – to exit TypeNGo dialog)
  • s- Narrow down a selection (‘-‘ can be pressed repeatedly)
  • m{ Move cursor to block start
  • m} Move cursor to block end
  • s{ Move cursor to block start with selection
  • s} Move cursor to block end with selection
  • fn+ Increase editor font size (‘+’ can be pressed repeatedly)
  • fn- Decrease editor font size (‘-‘ can be pressed repeatedly)
  • xv Extract Variable
  • xm Extract Method
  • xc Extract Constant
  • c+ Next Change
  • c- Previous Change
  • e+ Next Error
  • e- Previous Error

Editor Tabs

  • qc Close current editor tab.
  • qa Close all editor tabs
  • qo Close other tabs (except the current one)
  • qnm Close all unmodified tabs
  • qnp Close all unpinned editor tabs

Tool Windows

  • te Terminal window
  • pr Project tool window
  • vc Version control tool window
  • clt Close active tool window


  • fu Find usages (for the current symbol)
  • fp Find in path
  • fa Find an action by name
  • se Search everywhere


  • de Debug currently selected object
  • dc Choose from existing debug configurations
  • ds Debug currently selected configuration
  • ru Run currently selected object
  • rc Choose and run an existing run configuration
  • rs Run currently selected configuration

Version Control

  • up Update Project
  • hi Show file history
  • cm Commit changes
  • pu Push changes
  • cp Cherry pick (git)
  • an Show changes annotations to the left of editing area
  • lh Local History

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